Design of the cottage: 10 options for the facade – Part 1

facade options

Do you know how to decorate the facade of your house? We want to offer you 10 options for the facade. There are too many variants, and you are not sure what will fit? We have found ten solutions for any style.
When decorating the facade of the house it is very important to consider the style of the original structure. To choose the best option, it is best to consult with an architect. However, already now you can determine which appearance from an aesthetic point of view you like better. Each of these facade decoration options is now actively used in Europe.

10 options for the facade – Natural stone in facade design

Natural stone has been used for construction and design of facades for a long time. In its modern version, it is most often just a decorative addition. Among the advantages of this format are its brutality, 3D effect and very presentable appearance. Among the drawbacks is the need to protect against moisture, so that, for example, the whole facade does not begin to grow moss.

10 options for the facade 10 options for the facade

John Ryan, the designer of interiors:
– Natural stone is an excellent option for finishing the facade of a country house. The material is environmentally friendly, and by choosing the local rock, you will even support local production and reduce the carbon footprint.

10 options for the facade – Decorative panels from brick

house from brick house from brick house from brick

Panels from brick are easy to install, cost much cheaper than decorative brick, and do not increase the thickness of the outer wall of the house. In comparison with brick, this option has one more obvious advantage: a lot of design options, with unusual effects, such as lobster or scuffs.

10 options for the facade – Cortenian steel in the form of sheets

Weathering steel became popular in the design of facades in Asia, metal sheets there have long been used for exterior decoration. It does not require maintenance and impresses with spectacular shades of color, which makes the facade heterogeneous and looks very interesting.

facade options facade options facade options

The disadvantage is that not everybody will like such industrial charm, that’s why most often Weathering steel is used in large architectural projects such as residential complexes, business centers, libraries.

10 options for the facade – Decorative panels for concrete

Another relatively brutal and original variant of facade design – decorative panels for concrete. They can be made of different materials, including plastic, imitate a flat or modular concrete surface. In modern style and minimalism, this option is becoming more and more in demand.

10 options for the facade – Panels of natural wood

wooden panel

Decorative panels usually have a square or rectangular shape, based on modern fastening formats, allowing very fast installation of facade finish. Sometimes natural wood is used only for the top layer, sometimes not used at all.


John Ryan, the designer of interiors:
– Natural wood lining is an ecological variant of country house facade decoration. Modern designers choose decorative panels that are easy and fast to install.